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ABCZ Memory Game 4
Author Publisher Language Published Width Height
Denisa Šedivá Denisa Šedivá CZ, EN 2023 9,20 cm 8,5 cm
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Connect the pieces of Czech culture in ABCZ Memory game!
56 playing cards with 28 pictures and texts in Czech and English, one for each letter of the alphabet.

ABCZ Memory game is based on the book ABCZ or H is for Havel, an illustrated bilingual alphabet of the Czech Republic. This personal mosaic of images, memories and even a little bit of ideas about the Czech Republic puts together the individual pieces of Czech identity, revealing the childhood culture of the ABCZ creators and the recent past as such.

There are 257 entries in the book, and only one of each letter could fit in the pexes: Abstraction, Colored Piano, Sugar, Devil, Brass Band, Exile, Film, Golem, Holý Antonín, Cottage and Cottage, Invasion, Jested, Bicycle, Puppet, Mardi Gras, Football, Department Store, Priessnitz Vincent, Robot, Ř, Semaphore, Švejk, Tatra, Underground, Velorex, Waldes Jidřich, Zetor and Iron Curtain.

The memory game therefore contains 28 pairs (56 black and white playing cards) and staples with explanations of what is on the cards, one in Czech and the other in English. The cards can also be stacked in arbitrarily connected patterns, with at least one line on each side of the card always connected.

Author: Denisa Šedivá
Illustrations and graphics by Adam Macháček and Sébastien Bohner
Translation by Robert Russell and Ivan Gutierrez

Author Denisa Šedivá
Publisher Denisa Šedivá
Language CZ, EN
Published 2023
Width 9,20 cm
Height 8,5 cm