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Beautiful Work: UMPRUM D3 5
Translator Publisher Language Pages Published Width Height
Brian Reagan Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague EN 106 2023 23 cm 31 cm
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The UMPRUM Product Design Studio in cooperation with the Beautiful Work project revives traditional crafts.

The Beautiful Work project presents Czech crafts and folk art in new contexts. It offers a certain perspective in relation to original folk art, presents an alternative to the concept of today's interior design and responds to the current demand for authentic and sustainable clothing. It presents Czech, Moravian and Silesian folk art as valuable artefacts or functional, highly aesthetic products of home and clothing culture and presents them in the context of contemporary design, architecture and fashion. The project creates opportunities for collaboration between masters of traditional crafts and young designers to develop new designs. It also seeks to popularise traditional handicrafts among potential successors. It sees tradition as a multiplication of all past and present creative forces and brings back to life old forgotten techniques with a deep respect for the present.

The craft will die out with the old masters if they cannot pass on their artistry to their successors. That is why the project seeks to attract young people and convince them that contemporary craftsmanship can be a model for a new lifestyle of returning to nature, the need for self-anchoring and a sense of pride in our traditions.

Translator Brian Reagan
Publisher Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
Language EN
Pages 106
Published 2023
Width 23 cm
Height 31 cm