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Dana Kyndrová: Nineties 9788074374241 5
Author Translator Publisher Language Pages Published Width Height Book design
Dana Kyndrová Martin Tharp KANT CZ, EN 152 2024 23,50 cm 21,50 cm Karel Kerlický
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Crowning half a century of humanistically attuned photography is Dana Kyndrová's ninth illustrated publication. Known for her books based on photography as storytelling, she has made her reputation with the continual publication of timeless images of witness to a wide range of social questions and problems. The Nineties recapitulates the celebratory atmosphere of the end of Communist rule alongside the persistent routines of the ordinary working day. And with the passage of time, the immediate sense of immediate observations has only increased in its critical drama. We see both the decline of heavy industry and the "wild erotic actions and vulgarly excessive parties", in the photographer's own words. "At the beer festivals, the suds flow like water, and the Czech people are in their element..."

Author Dana Kyndrová
Translator Martin Tharp
Publisher KANT
Language CZ, EN
Pages 152
Published 2024
Width 23,50 cm
Height 21,50 cm
Book design Karel Kerlický