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David Cajthaml: Cipralex Soup 19
Author Translator Publisher Language Published Width Height Book design
David Cajthaml Ester Cajthamlová (EN), Karla Truhlářová (DE) K-A-V-K-A CZ, EN, DE 2023 23,50 cm 15,50 cm Lukáš Karlík
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David Cajthaml: Cipralex soup
Warning! This is not a cooking book!

K-A-V-K-A publishes another book of David Cajthaml, a distinctive Czech author.

It was many conversations between the artist and his good friend, the psychiatrist Oldřich Vinař, what inspired the collection of drawings, completed between 2015 and 2018. The together 300 drawings are something of a journal of a therapy session, but far from being a simple description of the event. The artist, as the perceptive observer, depicts the situations in drawings and their lyrical inscriptions, entering the at times magical and secret dialog between the patient and their doctor. What he sees, he draws, and in this process ecpresses the unsaid thoughts and emotions of both parties. He opens the window to the patient's as well as the psychiatrist's soul with humour and understanding.

Author David Cajthaml
Translator Ester Cajthamlová (EN), Karla Truhlářová (DE)
Publisher K-A-V-K-A
Language CZ, EN, DE
Published 2023
Width 23,50 cm
Height 15,50 cm
Book design Lukáš Karlík
star 1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 Rating value is 5 of 5

Jako vždy kniha od Davida Cajthamla moooc potěšila. A těším se na další...

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