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František Drtikol. Etapy života a fotografického díla 9788087201015 0
Author Publisher Language Pages Published Width Height
Anna Fárová Svět CZ, EN 516 2013 25,50 cm 34,50 cm
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Luxuriously staged large format photography book.

The most comprehensive monograph focused on the photographic work of Frantisek Drtikol. The author of the text is a world-renowned art historian Dr. Anna Fárová (1928-2010). The publication presents a selection of more than 500 photos. It shows the most important part of the author's photographic works and creates a comprehensive look at his life and complete photographic work.

Two volumes - both have a hardback with jacket, 512 pages of text and photographs. Inserted into the housing.

Author Anna Fárová
Publisher Svět
Language CZ, EN
Pages 516
Published 2013
Width 25,50 cm
Height 34,50 cm