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František Drtikol: Les yeux grand ouverts 9788090298656 1
Author Translator Publisher Language Pages Published Width Height
Anna Fárová, Stanislav Doležal Stephen Hattersley Svět FR 80 2002 16,50 cm 19,30 cm
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French edition of František Drtikol's book Eyes wide open. The texts in the publication are the original notes, which served as teaching material for Drtikol's students of photography.

The original notes of František Drtikol written at the beginning of 1930 are intended for students of photography courses, which he organized in his studio. The publication is a technical and at the same time philosophical guide. It discusses how to approach the motif and model to create a quality portrait. The book can be considered as a Drtikol's photographic credo. It is accompanied by 50 photographs, which are examples of texts. These are Drtikol's lesser-known works from private collections and from the UPM collection in Prague. The commentary was written by Anna Fárová and Stanislav Doležal.

Author Anna Fárová, Stanislav Doležal
Translator Stephen Hattersley
Publisher Svět
Language FR
Pages 80
Published 2002
Width 16,50 cm
Height 19,30 cm