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Jan Jedlička 200 m 9783958291010 1
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Urs Stahel, Jan Jedlička Steidl Verlag EN, DE 156 2020 25 cm 29,50 cm
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While working on his book The Circle in 2005, focusing on the capricious Maremma area in Southern Tuscany, Jan Jedlička came across a short coastal strip of immense diversity at Principina a Mare near Grosseto. The constant atmospheric transformations of its landscape under the spell of the sky’s play of light instantly caught his attention and inspired him to return frequently between 2008 and the summer of 2015. Jedlička visited this tiny spot by the sea in all seasons and weather conditions, capturing images of vivid summer beach life, deserted parking lots and surreal wetlands bulging with abstract formations and vegetation between the water and the dunes. The black-and-white images were all taken in the range of only 200 meters, suggesting that we can discover a huge variety of spectacular natural phenomena in our most immediate environments.

Author Urs Stahel, Jan Jedlička
Publisher Steidl Verlag
Language EN, DE
Pages 156
Published 2020
Width 25 cm
Height 29,50 cm