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Judith Joy Ross: Living With War - Portraits 9783865217172 1
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Heinz Liesbrock (ed.) Steidl Verlag EN, DE 164 2008 25 cm 30,50 cm Ingo Offermanns, Hamburg
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"Living with War - Portraits" is a collection of works by Judith Joy Ross, one of America's leading female photographers. Along with Diane Arbus and others, she is the standard-bearer of portraiture for American female photographers who have created meaningful works. Intimate, sometimes tense and powerful, yet beautiful and transparent. Without a deep insight and a clear mind, I would not have been able to capture such a portrait. Re-evaluation has progressed in recent years, and retrospective exhibitions have been held at major museums in Europe and the United States since the 2010s. It has been. "Visitors paying tribute to war victims at the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC in the 80s", "Soldiers about to leave for initial deployment in the First Gulf War in the 90s" , and "those who demonstrated in 2006-2007 against America's involvement in the current Iraq war." Individual irreplaceability, human dignity. . It is a book that makes you think about the meaning of waging war through portraits.

Book accompanies the exhibition in Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop, 9.03. - 1.06.2008; Galerie der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, 5.06. - 29.06.2008

Author Heinz Liesbrock (ed.)
Publisher Steidl Verlag
Language EN, DE
Pages 164
Published 2008
Width 25 cm
Height 30,50 cm
Book design Ingo Offermanns, Hamburg