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Lucie Raškovová: The harvest 0
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Lucie Raškovová, , 2018
gravure printing, dry line from the line, pressure templates
signed, numbered 12/28
size: 39 x 55 cm

"Where's my home"

Cycle of three graphic sheets

28 pieces

"A series of three graphic sheets was created for a joint assignment for the exhibition of members of the Association of Czech Fine Artists and Graphic Artists Hollar. I have already dealt with the topic of home in my author's books Loneliness is Not Evil and Meet the Angel, but I have never found an opportunity for pure image processing before. Despite the fact that the graphics look at first glance like a line etching with an aquatint, it is a dry needle printed from linoleum. Valeré character is given to them by dried ink, applied to the printing form by a paint roller and paper stencils, the application of which over the printed paper increased the pressure in the local parts of the print, otherwise there is a greater consumption of overprinted ink. "