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Maison Sonia Delaunay 9783775753791 0
Author Publisher Language Pages Published Width Height
Katia Baudin, Waleria Dorogova (eds.) Hatje Cantz EN 232 2022 17,50 cm 24,70 cm
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Sonia Delaunay’s work appears today as fresh and relevant as ever. The modernist pioneer’s ingenious color patterns dissolved the boundaries between visual and applied art. She further developed her painterly experiments in fashion, fabric patterns, interior design, book and object art, merging geometric abstraction and the sculptural qualities of pure color. Maison Sonia Delaunay is dedicated to Sonia Delaunay as a mediator between artistic-philosophical design and the beauty of everyday life. It particularly focuses on new research into textiles, fashion, and interior design. Drawing on never-before-published sources, the publication examines her international collaborations with entrepreneurs and artists, and illuminates how she redefines the relationship between art and industry in the process to design for a visionary, modern life.

Author Katia Baudin, Waleria Dorogova (eds.)
Publisher Hatje Cantz
Language EN
Pages 232
Published 2022
Width 17,50 cm
Height 24,70 cm