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Mapamátky: 70 staveb, které byste v Praze neměli minout 9788076831759 4
Author Publisher Language Published Width Height Book design
Marie Zákostelecká (ed.) Mapamátky z.s., Nakladatelství XYZ CZ 2022 20 cm 19,50 cm Linda Húževková
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70 unique buildings, 100 kilometres of walks and endless architectural experiences. An unconventional guidebook named "Mapamátky: 70 buildings you shouldn't miss in Prague" presents the city from a different perspective. The book contains tips for an architecture trip as well as invitations to an exhibition, concert or cinema. All 70 buildings, which include tenement houses, villas, palaces, bridges and public buildings, are organized into 7 chapters according to city districts within the city centre and its wider surroundings. But don't expect any lengthy explanations. Short texts and playful graphics make exploring the capital more fun than ever.

Author Marie Zákostelecká (ed.)
Publisher Mapamátky z.s., Nakladatelství XYZ
Language CZ
Published 2022
Width 20 cm
Height 19,50 cm
Book design Linda Húževková