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Mirroring Venice. Benátské zrcadlení. Riflessi veneziani. 9788027074488 10
Author Publisher Language Pages Published Width Height
Jakub Špaňhel , Ongaro e Fuga Jaspen - Dávidházy CZ, EN, IT 173 2020 24 cm 29 cm
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This publication was created for the occasion of the exhibition titled Venetian Mirroring which showcased works by the prominent Czech painter Jakub Špaňhel alongside hand-made Venetian mirrors from the traditional glass workshop Ongaro e Fuga. The publication describes, among other things, the history of the Ongaro e Fuga workshop in Murano and also includes reproductions of all the works that were displayed in the exhibition which took place in Prague's Karolinum.

Author Jakub Špaňhel , Ongaro e Fuga
Publisher Jaspen - Dávidházy
Language CZ, EN, IT
Pages 173
Published 2020
Width 24 cm
Height 29 cm