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Eva Švankmajerová – Jsem malířka 9788090857599 4
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Eva Švankmajerová - I am a painter
A new monograph by the important painter, poet and representative of Czechoslovak surrealism

If you want to take a look into the work of the fascinating artist Eva Švankmajerová (1940-2005), you have a unique opportunity. KAVKA is now publishing the first comprehensive monograph of this exceptional personality, painter, poet and significant representative of Czechoslovak surrealism. The book was written in close collaboration with filmmaker Jan Švankmajer, who was Eva's lifelong partner both in her marriage and in her artistic work. The monograph shows Eva Švankmajerová as a unique painter with her own voice, whose work does not pander to anyone or anything, does not embellish anything, nor it flatters anyone. For the artist, art is a tool to settle her accounts with the world, as a woman working in a predominantly male artistic environment. 

In addition to a representative selection of artworks from across her oeuvre, the book also contains authorial commentaries, diary entries and Jan Švankmajer's memoirs, thus allowing a better understanding of the context and depth of her work. Selected aspects of her work are presented in her studies by authors, most of whom are members of the Group of Czech and Slovak Surrealists, to which Eva Švankmajerová herself belonged. The main editors of the book are František Dryje, Bertrand Schmitt, Jan Švankmajer and Šimon Wikstrøm Svěrák.

Enter the inspiring world of Eva Švankmajerová and discover art as a means of personal revolution. This monograph promises not only an artistic experience but also an understanding of female strength and courage to take new untrodden paths in the art world.