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Průvodce zmatených I.-IV. 9788086911526 3
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The four-part publication Průvodce zamatených is an author's selection of Vladimír Železný's photographs from the last twenty years. Contains more than 1000 unique photos of the Hasidic world with author's commentary. All four titles are packed in a specially made box.

Each set is signed by the author.

My World / Průvodce zmatených I.

The first part of the Complete Guide to the Confused is a free wandering through known and unknown places. Vladimír Železný presents them to the reader as he saw them in the camera viewfinder and later presented them at many exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. The Hasidic community is strictly closed and inaccessible to the outside world. The author is one of the few people in the world who is allowed to come among them, spend time with them, talk to them and even take pictures of them. And thanks to this, he can also let the outside world see under the impenetrable barrier.

My Shtetl / Průvodce zmatených II.

The second part brings a more intimate and deeper look into a closed and inaccessible world, which is not easily seen from the outside. To the world of Hasids, strictly orthodox Jews. Unique photographs from an environment that is shrouded in mystery or completely unknown to most of the contemporary population are accompanied by the author's observations and quotes from Hasidic rabbis. The book is thus not just a photographic reportage document or a social probe into the world of a closed community. It can also be a new stimulus and inspiration in today's world, in which spiritual values are often neglected and overlooked.

Godliness and Joy / Průvodce zmatených III.

Even in the third volume, the author does not abandon the life of Hasids, Orthodox Jews, living in a closed community in Jerusalem. Piety is a basic pillar of life for them. After all, they live according to God's 613 commandments... But they can also have fun. Dance, rejoice and enjoy life to the fullest. Of course, everything in accordance with the mentioned commandments.

Fajerl / Průvodce zmatených IV.

The fourth part concludes a comprehensive view of the Hasidic world through the viewfinder of Vladimír Železný's camera. The author himself refers to the publication as a monument to Hasidic Jews. Almost 13 kilos monument consisting of a total of more than 1000 photos. A strict way of life would not be comfortable for us as Europeans, but we have to look at it with a distance as a message. Let's keep our original, joyful, comfortable life and don't let it erode. Let us learn from the Hasids to enjoy life and live according to our own commandments.

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