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Salty Mascara - Valentýna Janů 9788088366010 5
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A book of poems and short stories by Czech visual artist Valentýna Janů, illustrated by Martin Groch, published in English language.

Valentýna Janů is a visual artist whose post-digital poetry freely transitions from banal stories, instagram wisdom, philosophical meditations to serial dialogues and snippets of evening news on the border between fiction and reality. Salta Mascaro's collection of texts confronts issues of the current economy, climate crisis and social identities. It proves that it is not possible to simply separate them from each other, and each of us will soon have to learn a way to be an environmentally responsible feminist without being annoying. The book is accompanied by the evocative scent of amber, powder and salted lemon together with drawings by Martin Groch. Portraits of characters such as Tove Jansson, Tank Girl, Ursula K. Le Guin or Trixie Mattel suggest that we oscillate between imagination and reality and at the same time read a generationally characteristic image of Western (pop) culture. The book is published in English.