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The aesthetics of the sustainable architecture 9788088161127 2
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Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera CZ, EN 320 2020 20,50 cm 21,50 cm
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The exhibition "Aesthetics of Sustainable Architecture" in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery (Prague 2020), which accompanies this publication, describes the development of this issue after 2008, when a similarly focused exhibition "Green Architecture. CZ" took place here. More than 60 examples of Czech and foreign realizations, this time include a wider range of application of the principles of sustainability, in several categories: individual and collective housing constructions; school, commercial, industrial buildings; public spaces and landscape designs; new use of brownfields; large urban units. The common intention is to show that the principles of sustainability can be incorporated into the whole of the work as its integral part, which is not applied at the expense of the aesthetic qualities of the building.

Publisher Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera
Language CZ, EN
Pages 320
Published 2020
Width 20,50 cm
Height 21,50 cm