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The Stoneware Jug by Stefan Lorenzutti & John Porcellino 9788396596833 3
Author Publisher Language Pages Published Width Height Ilustration
Stefan Lorenzutti Bored Wolves EN 28 2022 14 cm 20 cm John Porcellino
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Poem-comix by Stefan Lorenzutti (words) and John Porcellino (pictures)

“Consisting of 13 of Lorenzutti’s short poems, adapted into comics by John P., The Stoneware Jug is plainspoken, lyrical, and lovely. Poet and cartoonist are the proverbial match made in heaven. The resulting visual poetry, observant, wry, and epiphanic, hits close to home. The sheer emptiness and quiet of the pages amaze me. This feels like art for cool gray days, or biting cold nights, but it’s full of life, and I could read it over and over with pleasure. In fact, I have.”

—Charles Hatfield, The Comics Journal, “The Best Comics of 2022”

The Stoneware Jug is a collection of poem-comics by Stefan Lorenzutti (words) and John Porcellino (pictures), in which American comix legend Porcellino (King-Cat, Thoreau at Walden) “pours” the adapted poems into his pen-and-ink panels, as if into a handmade vessel.

Each one-page comic is a seasonal diorama of sorts, preserving a moment in time unfolding in the interstices of time: between the chinks of a log cabin in the Polish Highlands, fissures in late-spring ice, and the gap between coziness and creeping concern on a brutally cold winter’s night.

In the end, The Stoneware Jug is a quest for comfort zones, suffused throughout with the aromatic promise of panettone.

Author Stefan Lorenzutti
Publisher Bored Wolves
Language EN
Pages 28
Published 2022
Width 14 cm
Height 20 cm
Ilustration John Porcellino