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Wunder Kombinats: Latvian Art Yearbook 2022 9789934914607 1
Author Publisher Language Pages Published Width Height Book design
Santa Hirša (ed.) Wunder Kombinat EN, LV 144 2022 20 cm 28,30 cm Alexey Murashko
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The cultural organisation Wunder Kombinat has published a collection of non–academic research articles Wunderkombināts I. Latvian Art Yearbook 2022 dedicated to contemporary art and cultural processes in Latvia. This edition focuses in particular on decolonial discourse, eco–criticism, the women’s history movement, and the aesthetics of fascism.

Author Santa Hirša (ed.)
Publisher Wunder Kombinat
Language EN, LV
Pages 144
Published 2022
Width 20 cm
Height 28,30 cm
Book design Alexey Murashko