Jan Reich (1942-2009) was a Czech art photographer, a representative of landscape and urban photography.

Jan Reich, a native of Prague, is a continuation of the Czech photographic tradition associated with the name of Josef Sudek. In his creative beginnings, he devoted himself to still lifes, portraits and documentaries. He created a series of portraits of circus performers and a series of snapshots from the streets of Paris. Since the 1970s, he has been inclined to photograph the rural and urban landscape. He is fascinated by the world of disappearing Prague's outskirts and rural traditions. For many years he has been documenting the landscape of the Sedlčany region, which has become his second home. He works with old large-format cameras and the appearance typical of classic landscape photography. He returns to his favorite places, patiently waiting for suitable lighting conditions, and is in no hurry. His interest is the search for values ​​hidden in the landscape, in human settlements and in meetings. His photographic ensemble Bohemia mapped important Czech historical and architectural monuments and became an important voice in the discussion about the shape of the Czech landscape at a time of rapid building development.