KAVKA is a specialized bookstore and art gallery. We run an online store and a stone shop in the center of Prague. The books we offer here are mostly from the production of Czech or Slovak publishers, galleries and museums and they focus primarily to Czech and Slovak art, architecture and design and photography. Some books  are not part of a wider book distribution that is why you can find it only in KAVKA bokstore . Part of our business offer includes antiquarian books on art, unique author's books, or rare bibliophiles. In addition to the books, KAVKA also offers original works of Czech authors, mostly 20th and 21st century. We focus our interest mainly on graphics and drawings, also due to the limited exhibition space. But often you will also find oil paintings or small sculptures. Several times a year, we host chamber exhibitions.
We are a team of art experts and we can assess works of art and books.
Our goal is to encourage and rehabilitate the book and art culture. We believe that art, even in the form of beautiful books, is part of the national cultural heritage and should be part of everybody's life..