František Skála (*1956) is czech sculptor, painter, graphic artist, children's book illustrator, musician and dancer. He studied woodcarving at the School of Applied Arts in Prague (1971-1975), television and film graphics at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (1976-1982). Member of the Sklep Theater, founding member of the Stubborn Group, member of the Secret Group B.K.S.  Commander of the Order of the Green Ladybug, member of several musical ensembles, winner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award.

He has had dozens of exhibitions and two big retrospectives - in Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague in (2005) and in the Riding Hall of the Wallenstein Palace (2017). He is the author of one of the first Czech comics called The Great Wandering of Hair and Brady (1987). He designed the interior of Prague's Akropolis Palace, created several dozen prints, and published his hand-illustrated travel journals.

He is fascinated by nature, which in his work is the main inspirational model. He uses found objects and natural products in sculpture. From seemingly ordinary things, he can create new worlds and hurt the everyday view of reality, to which we tend to slide over time. It is expressed using a wide range of techniques. He made his knowledge of the graphic arts craft while working on scientific illustrations in the 1980s, which is significant for his work.