Born in 1982 in Brandýs nad Labem.

She graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where she studied with Jiří Barta in the studio of film and television graphics, then with Juraj Horváth in the studio of Illustration and Graphics (2002–2008).

Selection of exhibitions
Solo exhibitions (selection)
2017 - Blue Mountain of Flame, KAVKA Book, Prague
2016 - Stop in a dream ..., NG bookstore - Koenig BOOKS, Trade Fair Palace, Prague
2015 - Singing died down and night came, Jelení Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art Prague
2014 - What is called the forest…, Lidice Memorial
2012 - What is called the forest…, Regional Gallery in Liberec
2010 - The year before last snows, Baobab Tábor

Alžběta Skálová (* 1982) is known as an illustrator, but she also creates collages, films, graphics and especially watercolors and paintings. In his work, he deals with more topics, which he often processes in cycles.

Skálová perceives paintings as a partially unconscious, spiritual process. In the case of watercolor paintings, the motif arises spontaneously, based on the effect of colors, composition and the need to capture it. The interest in ignorance leads her to a very intuitive approach. Subsequent work is very focused, fast and careful and is preceded by a long collection of energy. Therefore, the painting is usually done the first time, further attempts usually fail.

She often works with less classic techniques, such as scraping into plasterboard imitating plaster or "dry" watercolor with a textile effect. In watercolors and paintings we find mainly human faces and landscapes. We can enter these lands and read faces.

Alžběta Skálová is a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where she first studied in the Film and Television Graphics Studio with Jiří Barta and then with Juraj Horváth in the Illustrations and Graphics Studio. She completed internships in Paris and Baltimore (USA). She has received several awards and nominations for her illustrations, for example in the Most Beautiful Book, Golden Ribbon and Magnesia Litera competitions. He lives and works in Prague.