Název ISBN Sklad
Emissary from the Far East 9788070357092 2
Autor Nakladatel Jazyk Počet stran Rok vydání Grafická úprava
Michaela Pejčochová Národní galerie Praha EN 317 2019 Adéla Svobodová
Šířka Výška Váha
10,50 cm 22,80 cm 1.4kg
1 000 Kč s DPH

The publication provides insight into the complex life story of the artist Vojtěch Chytil (1896–1936) and the history of his collections of modern Chinese ink painting, ancient Chinese art, as well as Tibetan and Japanese art. Despite being mainly a painter and art collector, Chytil tried his luck also in business and politics, which makes his career an interesting example of the intricate paths an individual’s fate could take in the interwar Czechoslovakia. His collection, with several dozens of paintings by the legendary master Qi Baishi (1864–1957) leading the list, is reconstructed in its entirety. It has become the core of the collection of modern Chinese painting at the National Gallery Prague and to this day counts among the most remarkable collections of its kind worldwide. The unique graphic design of the book includes elements of original Chinese textile design and bookbinding.

Autor Michaela Pejčochová
Nakladatel Národní galerie Praha
Jazyk EN
Počet stran 317
Rok vydání 2019
Šířka 10,50 cm
Výška 22,80 cm
Grafická úprava Adéla Svobodová