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MEDA Ambassador of Art 9788087344521 0
Autor Překladatel Nakladatel Jazyk Počet stran Rok vydání
Pavel Liška a Robin R. Mudry Pavel Liška a Robin R. Mudry Museum Kampa EN 168 2019
Šířka Výška Váha
23,20 cm 32 cm 1.1kg
Museum Kampa
700 Kč s DPH

Meda Mládková, life-long supporter and promoter ofmodern art and lifestyle is an inspiring personality.This year, she is celebrating her 100th anniversary.During her life in the United States she built, togetherwith her husband Jan Mládek, one of the mostimportant collections of Central European art.
The exhibition presents the exciting life of these Czechpatrons in America, but also their house, which becamea salon of Czechoslovak and Central European art andculture. The Mládeks’ home in Georgetown,Washington was a meeting place for artists,intellectuals, and other personalities, as well as a bridgethat connected the world behind the Iron Curtain withthe West and introduced the West to the culturalwealth of the Eastern Bloc countries. This uniquecombination of art, architecture, fashion and designcreated an unprecedented space – the forerunner oftoday’s Kampa Museum.
Curators of the exhibition: Pavel Liška & Robin R. Mudry

Autor Pavel Liška a Robin R. Mudry
Překladatel Pavel Liška a Robin R. Mudry
Nakladatel Museum Kampa
Jazyk EN
Počet stran 168
Rok vydání 2019
Šířka 23,20 cm
Výška 32 cm