Název ISBN Sklad
Modern Kyoto Patterns 8
Autor Nakladatel Jazyk Počet stran Rok vydání
Tetsuo Terada Seigensha JP 288 2020
Šířka Výška Váha
11 cm 15 cm 0.3kg
380 Kč s DPH

The arrival and further development of machine printing in Japan made mass production possible in the field of textiles. In Kyoto, in particular, the period up to the 1970s was when the creation and production of a broad spectrum of new designs that incorporated traditional Japanese motifs, pop culture, and many other influences occurred. This fascinating book presents around 240 designs selected from the enormous collection left by Tetsuro Terada, who was active as a designer during Japan’s golden age of machine printing. With vivid colours and sometimes surprising patterns, the designs are an inspiring visual record of how designing for textiles has changed in the 20th century.

Autor Tetsuo Terada
Nakladatel Seigensha
Jazyk JP
Počet stran 288
Rok vydání 2020
Šířka 11 cm
Výška 15 cm