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Mysterious Distances. Symbolism and Art in the Bohemian Lands, 1880–1914 9788074670527 0
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Otto M. Urban Arbor vitae EN 432 2015
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In his books, Otto M. Urban was the first person to define Czech Symbolism in the fine arts as a distinct phenomenon acting in a proclamatory fashion as part of the broader European artistic stream.

Thanks to his insight, Czech art found its place within the natural context of European culture. The exhibition and the book Mysterious Distances juxtaposes renowned artists such as Mucha, Kupka, Pirner, Knüpfer, Schwaiger, Švabinský, Bílek, Šaloun, Zrzavý, Staeger and Teschner with many lesser known or newly discovered figures. The book includes an anthology of critical texts of the time and essays devoted to Symbolism in literature, theatre and applied art.

Autor Otto M. Urban
Nakladatel Arbor vitae
Jazyk EN
Počet stran 432
Rok vydání 2015
Šířka 24 cm
Výška 27,50 cm