Název ISBN Sklad
Netsuke 2 1
Nakladatel Jazyk Počet stran Rok vydání
Arnoldsche DE 288+414 2000
Šířka Výška Váha
23 cm 30 cm 2.3kg
490 Kč s DPH

Netsuke Masterpieces form The Trumpf Collection. Second volume

Originally used as decorations for men's belts Netsuke have formed the interest of collectors since the 19th century and soon turned into sought-after collector's items. Focuses of the design were legendary figures, religious characters as well as exotic animals.

The technical precision is unparalleled in its execution of the different materials: Ivory, horn, corals and many more. Famous artists such as Yoshimura Shûzan (1700 - 1773) or Ohara Mitsuhiro (1810 - 1878) affected this art form considerably with their masterpieces.

Nakladatel Arnoldsche
Jazyk DE
Počet stran 288+414
Rok vydání 2000
Šířka 23 cm
Výška 30 cm