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The Japanese House Since 1945 9780500343739 0
Autor Nakladatel Jazyk Počet stran Rok vydání Grafická úprava
Naomi Pollock Thames & Hudson EN 400 2023 Stefi Orazi Studio
Šířka Výška Váha
23,50 cm 28,50 cm 2.5kg
1 990 Kč s DPH
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Imagine a rowhouse whose courtyard separates the kitchen from the bedroom. Or a tiny, triangular tower of rooms stacked one above another. Quirky, experimental, and utterly fascinating, the houses produced in Japan since the end of World War II are among the most exceptional in the world, and they are also family homes. The Japanese House Since 1945 is a cohesive chronology of iconic Japanese houses, presenting the most compelling architect-designed homes to show developments in form, material, architectural expression, and family living over almost eight decades.

Unparalleled in their conceptual purity, many Japanese houses have become icons at home as well as abroad. Presented with clear prose and accompanied by photographs and drawings, the book features ninety-seven houses, divided among nine chapters and organized by decade. In addition to acquainting the reader with individual homes, the book illuminates the social, technological, geographic, and historical factors behind these epoch-making houses. Developments over the period are underscored by the visual presentation, as it evolves from monochrome to color and from hand-drawn to digital. Decade lead-ins set the historical context for each chapter, while "Spotlight" segments draw attention to the separate components of the Japanese house. "At Home" sections, most authored by architects and their family members, bring to life the experience of living in these unique houses.

Autor Naomi Pollock
Nakladatel Thames & Hudson
Jazyk EN
Počet stran 400
Rok vydání 2023
Šířka 23,50 cm
Výška 28,50 cm
Grafická úprava Stefi Orazi Studio